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45 Hilarious Notes From Kids Struggling To Express Their Emotions

Kids aren't exactly known for being emotionally stable. Even the smallest things can set them off. And the moment they learn to write, the chances are you'll get a super passive aggressive or downright brutal note in shaky handwriting. 

1. You're alright, mom.
My cousin is glad her mom is not a different mom
2. It's just camp...
My Cousin dropped her daughter off at summer camp a few days ago. This is the first letter she sent home.
3. Super Bowl is a confusing time.
She took notes of her dad's reaction throughout the Super Bowl. from funny
4. What did they do?!
Asked my daughter to write an apology letter...
5. So much game.
My niece is in 5th grade and got her first love note. This 5th grader has more game than I'll ever have. from funny
6. Damn technology.
7. Brutal.
8. Calm down, Scott.
Little brother wrote me a thank you card... I thought it was funny.
9. Oh, kids.
A colleague of mine got this note whilst grading papers. from funny
10. Same, kid.
My friend's son had to write an apology note to a classmate
11. Really appreciate it.
Thank you again mom
12. "Sing to make sure."
My little sister gave this note to my dad.
13. Imagine waking up to this...
My daughter left my wife a note
14. "I think you are the best harry hero ever."
My 8 year-old adopted daughter just made this single dad cry big fat hairy tears
15. Who shaves cats?
Note that my co-workers daughter wrote to him from funny
16. Get out of bed, ya bum.
My 7-yr old son drew me a picture yesterday to tell me how much I suck
17. Is that a...
My uncle's a firefighter. One of the kids they rescued drew up a thank you note... from funny
18. They even have a fridge.
A kid wrote a note of thanks at my sisters hotel yesterday, adorable.
19. Deep.
My friend's little girl (11) sent a boy in school a note to ask if he liked her. This is the answer she got...
every tux for prom had a note from an elementary schooler in it.....
21. Seems legit.
My friend is a 2nd grade teacher, today a student gave her this note
22. Just ciding.
Woke up to this note from my 6 year old.
23. Young love.
My wife found this love note on the floor of the elementary school she works at.
My teacher friend intercepted this note from one of her students.
25. It's just a plate.
Just found this note my girlfriend left her mom when she was 7
26. Seems fair.
My friend found this note from her daughter this morning.
27. Payton deserves it.
My friend's brother is a teacher and he found this gem of a note in his classroom.
28. This is adorable.
"Hold on, gonna get a new pen," my daughter's scavenger hunt note to me.
29. Lucky guy.
My friend's little brother recieved this note yesterday. His future will be fun.
30. Must be a holiday or something.
My 5 year old daughter brought me this note "from her kindergarten teacher"
31. That should cover it.
Last night my kids went crazy and bought a bunch of Sponge Bob episodes on the Playstation Store for their PSP's. I only realized it after getting the bill in my email. After getting them in trouble and going to bed later that night, I found this note o
32. Nope.
Sent a sweet note in my 2nd grade son's lunchbox. Got this response.
33. DAMN.
34. Just collecting her dues.
35. Calm down, Annisa.
36. Gotta look out for your friends.
37. Awwwhhhh.
My friend is paying a little girl $3 p/day to take out their dog. Today was payday and this is the note she left them.
38. Errrr...
My 1st grade teacher wife was given this note from a student who will be out tomorrow....I want to go where he is going.
39. "I love her even with three legs."
A note to a vet.
40. We got us a Romeo here.
My friend confiscated this note from his third grade student.
41. Good try.
My 7 year olds first attempt at forging a note from me to my wife. Nailed it?
42. Vilin sucks!
My friend refused to write her son a note to his violin teacher. So he wrote one himself.
43. She's going to Mars.
My six year old daughter wrote us a note today. She loves us more than... wait...what?...really?
44. This kid has moves.
My newly single sister is concerned that's she's putting off some serious pathetic vibes after being slipped this note from one of her second-grade students. from funny
45. Tooth fairy will take any opportunity to cheat you.
My daughter was very upset about misplacing her lost tooth. I told her to leave a note under her pillow for the tooth fairy explaining what happened. from funny