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The Freshest Memes Of January 2018 Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

3 months ago

There are different kinds of memes. You have some that make you chuckle when you first view them, and then roll your eyes when you see them again. These have a low meme longevity.

Then you have some that are timeless, but those are few and far between. And even those, you must protect from being overused, so you can never forget just how brilliant the memes was in the first place.

So in the struggle to keep memes fresh, it's important to constantly view new material to stay on the tippity top of your meme game. This is the duty of the meme connoisseur.

1. Be gone.

2. Grammar is important.

3. #MAGA

4. The man's a unicorn.

5. Stable genius.

6. Thoughts and prayers.

7. One thicc boi.

8. You got rights money?

9. Buzz, buzz, b***h.

10. It's the principle.

11. Bork conundrum.

12. You got the touch.

13. Please don't say that.

14. Official employee haircut.

15. One way to promote tourism...

16. Pleasantly surprised.

17. If you don't try...

18. Sleep with one eye open.

19. Snow day.

20. Is he hitting parallel, though?

21. He ho'd for our sins.

22. All marsupials and white dudes with facial hair are the same.

23. I hear he eats them for breakfast.

24. Achievement Unlocked.


26. That portable vacuum cleaner is as good as mine.

27. There's no period at the end of this meme's sentence.

28. (Angry chewing)

29. Looks like flu's back on the menu.

30. Bloomin' onions now $6.66??

31. My kinda graduation.

32. But, the best part...

33. Why helllooooo!

34. Jordan Belfort?!

35. No eye contact.

36. He's no Bozo.

37. The lower you go, the more confusing it gets.

So satisfying.