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30 WiFi Networks With Puns So Good You Can't Help But Laugh

If you've ever tried to connect to the Internet at an airport, you'll know just how creative people can get with their WiFi connections and mobile hotspots. Here are a collection of people's best attempts at making WiFi hilarious. 

1. These names are fresh.
Just moved into an apartment, setting up the wifi when I saw this.
2. Get it?
Best wifi name ever
3. Stop freeloading!
Best Wifi code
4. Oh snap.
Can't a guy bang his WiFi in peace?
5. So corny.
Best Wi-Fi names ever! from funny
6. CeX is a pawn store in the United Kingdom, apparently.
The WiFi name at my local CeX from funny
7. What a dream.
I Have a Dream... that we all have Wi-Fi from funny
8. Just make a noise complaint.
Can't beat a bit of passive aggressive wi-fi naming. from funny
9. Same.
Urologist's WiFi name. from funny
10. This seems like a serious neighborhood incident.
WiFi Feud from funny
11. One for Bill Nye fans.
Bill Wi the Science Fi from funny
12. You need a high IQ to understand this one.
Wi-fi networks at my apartment complex from funny
13. Drama.
I guess the neighbors saw our passive aggressive WiFi name... from funny
Best wi-fi name i've seen in a while from funny
15. Beats having to pay $19.99 for an hour...
This WiFi name from funny
16. Too soon.
The WiFi network at my local movie theater is a reel killer.. from funny
17. The beat is real.
So I changed the name of my Wi-Fi network. from funny
18. Does anyone object?
Man and WiFi from funny
19. Sounds like it was a fun flight.
Checked to see if the plane had Wi-Fi and suddenly wished I was on a different flight. from funny
20. Represent.
This Wi-Fi ain't nothin' to fuck with. from funny
Just visiting the local nursing home waiting in lobby trying to connect to WiFi when I see this... from funny
22. Which do we believe?
Suspicious Wi-Fi... from funny
23. So fly.
Well played Wi Fi hot spot owner. Well played. from funny
Best WiFi name I’ve ever seen from funny
25. Oh my.
Went to connect to my Wi-Fi... from funny
26. Don't we all?
Wi believe I can Fi from funny
27. Their poor minds.
WiFi network near Mercy High School, an all-girls Catholic school from funny
28. Get rolled.
The Wi-Fi networks around my workplace in Montreal from funny
29. Hodor.
Game of WiFis from funny
30. Bless.
The promised wifi