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Guy Has Hilarious Observations After Living With Two Female Roommates For A Year

3 weeks ago

Moving in with someone is a big commitment. Moving in with someone and their best friend is an even bigger one.

Something that Twitter user Craig Shapes learned the hard way after he began living with his girlfriend and their best friend.

He realized, rather quickly, that the woman he moved in with go about their lives much differently than he and his guy friends do.

He was a bit shocked at what he saw and decided to share his observations on Twitter. Which we should all be thankful for, because they're hilarious and run the gamut of not only first time discoveries when you move in with another person, but getting to see them in their natural habitat with their long-time best friend. There's no part of his girlfriend and her best friend's lives that he's not privy to.

Text messaging etiquette.

Bathroom myths.

An infinite amount of hair clips.

The insanity that is "going out" protocol.

The fact that women can never have enough candles (and throw pillows).

New programming.

Getting one's eyebrow game on point.

Diets are better to talk about than actually adhere to.


The English word for "bathrobe."

The joys of living with your best friend.

Drama on drama on drama.

Your home needs a guest book and a calendar.

Communal closets.

Massive amounts of shedding.

Out of all his observations, however, Craig's last one is probably the most poignant.

I mean I guess he had to tweet that or they'd go back to just living with each other, but in all seriousness, they do sound like they have a pretty amazing friendship.

People were asking to see pics of the two BFFs in question, so Craig obliged.

While others just nodded their heads at his "dressing gown" observation.

Now we're just waiting for a woman to go on a thread about what it's like living with two dudes.

Don't leave us hanging!