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Fox Tweeted A Really Biased Trump-Obama Comparison And They're Getting Torn To Shreds

Don't let the recent decision by FOX News to drop anchor Bill O'Reilly amid sexual harassment lawsuits change your opinion of them, they're still not a very reliable source for news. And yesterday, they gave the perfect example of why they shouldn't be trusted by tweeting out this comparison of the jobless rates after 100 days in office for the most recent four presidents.

Of course, the graphic doesn't mention that President Obama inherited an economy that was in free fall from the recession that occurred towards the end of George W. Bush's presidency. While President Clinton inherited a high unemployment rate from his predecessor, President George H. W. Bush.

It also fails to mention that by the 100 day mark, Presidents usually don't even have their entire cabinet in place, let alone a new budget. In short, the comparison is totally misleading without the context, and is obviously being used to shine a positive light on President Donald Trump, who inherited a pretty healthy economy. 

And yes, Twitter did rip them apart for it. 

It's good to see that they got called out on it.