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Donald Trump Tried To Dominate The French President's Handshake And Got Trounced

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump continued his tour out of the country in Brussels, where he met France's newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron. Donald Trump is notorious for seemingly trying to dominate people with aggressive handshakes. In a video of their interaction, it looks like Macron came prepared to crush Trump into submission:

Hmm, looks like Trump didn't have the "stamina" he thought he did. A close up:

Trump and other European leaders are gathered to talk about NATO, and you can see that Trump rallied and tried to catch Macron in a handshake again. Round two. Macron greets everyone else normally, but then when he goes in for another handshake with Trump, it appears to be a fight to the death:

From what I know, the meeting in general was kind of a disaster, because Trump spent the day chastising NATO members about what they "owe" for "protection," though he refused to commit to NATO provision Article 5, which guarantees mutual defense amongst NATO members. You can see the crowd rustling in disbelief as he lectures them like he's at his first babysitting gig:

Do you think Trump's feeling insecure at this point? I don't know, but here's a clip of him seemingly shoving another NATO member behind him: