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Adopted Children Reveal What Really Happened When They Met Their Birth Parents

I know plenty of people who were adopted. Most of them went out and met their biological parents. It normally goes one of two ways. Either it goes poorly or it goes well.

I guess you could say that about most things but in this case it is particularly interesting. Either you realize you are better off without them, or you have a new, great relationship. 

As far as I can tell, no one seems to regret meeting their bio-parents. Good or bad, that knowledge is something worth having. 

This is complicated.
The secret sibling.
What a relief!
Got out of there young.
Tough call.
I guess it all worked out.
This is a sad one.
Good to be grateful.
Cool, indeed.
Gotta answer those questions.
Seems to have worked out.
Just a bunch of booze-loving metal heads.
At least you know.