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People Are Sharing The Most WTF Questions They Ever Got On A First Date

Anyone who has been on a lot of first dates knows that you have a lot of WTF moments when you meet someone for the first time. Dating apps can give you a very warped view of who someone is, and you may end up sitting across from a frog instead of a handsome prince. I literally mean a frog; it's crazy out there!

Radio show host Dana Cortez tweeted to her followers that they should send in their best examples of WTF first date questions, a special subset of WTFness, and people really delivered.

Cortez framed her request by writing, "What would you ask on a 1st date?" but lots of people seemed to be sharing the real questions they've received from prospective life partners. It is a relief to know that a lot of these are made up:

So, what's the worst question you've ever gotten and what's the worst you'd like to ask?

Here are mine:

"Can I drive your car?"

"Can you guess how much my jeans cost?"

I'll let you guess which is which.