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This Guy Flirted With A Customer Service Rep And It Got Out Of Hand Quickly

Earlier this week, Craig Hazell of London in the United Kingdom tweeted British grocery store Sainsbury's to complain about a lack of contactless card payment options in his local store. 

 Their reply came from a customer service rep named Amanda, who promised that they'd be coming soon.  

 After that, things got a little out of hand. He started by complimenting their hot counter, a separate checkout area where you buy hot food.  

 But suddenly, replies started coming from a guy named Daryl. WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO AMANDA? 

 And then all of a sudden, it was Martin. 

 And then Maria... 

 It turns out that Amanda didn't want any of it.  

 And of course, yet another person responded. 

 A modern love story.