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Real Life Nightmare: Snake Crawled Out Of Woman's Air Vent While She Was Driving

Now, I don't have a lot in common with Indiana Jones. I'm not super intelligent. I don't go on adventures. And I don't have rugged good looks.

What I do have in common with old Indy, however, is an irrational fear of snakes. Maybe I'm not as afraid of snakes as he is, but I have to admit that the slithery buggers really creep me out.

So when I saw what happened to this woman while she was driving her car, I nearly spit my coffee out and shrieked like a little girl.

Because one day, when she was minding her own business, a friggin' snake crawled right out of her car's air conditioner vents.
Just're happily put-putting across the highway when this comes your way.
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No thanks.
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And in case you're wondering where this took place...

You hear that Floridians? CHECK YER VENTS.

People were obviously freaking out over it.

My thoughts exactly, Bugs.