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Here's What Happens if a Guy — for Whatever Reason — Decides to Take Plan B



There's definitely no denying that mainstream male contraceptives (aka condoms), require much less commitment than most female contraceptives, such as hormonal birth control pills or Plan B. And although male birth control pills have supposedly been in the works for ages, it seems as though hormonal contraceptives for men will never truly become a reality.

Many have wondered what would happen if a guy took Plan B, and while we definitely don't suggest trying it at home, we've done extensive research to show you the possible results.

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So, what happens if a guy takes an emergency contraceptive like Plan B?

Everyone knows that women only take Plan B in times of dire need. According to Web MD, "the pill" contains high levels of a hormone called levonorgestrel, which is effective in delaying ovulation and ultimately preventing pregnancy shortly after unprotected sex, if the condom broke last night, or if the guy didn't pull out in time. And while there's no day-after pill for men, the effects of Plan B on men would be ineffective.

That being said, Spencer Morgan wrote a piece for The Observer about how he accidentally mistook a friend's Plan B for Ambien, and swallowed it. He said that most of the effects were psychological, aside from a stomach ache, an orange-tinted urine. The Poison Control operator ensured him that was probably going to be the worst of it, however, he shouldn't try taking it again, which Spencer reiterated definitely would not happen.

Likewise, on the Reddit page r/NoStupidQuestions, u/Kangarou asked about what might happen if a man took Plan B, and the results were largely similar. Admiral_Boombox mentioned potential mood and libido-related effects, while Kresley told the inquirer to prepare to hug the toilet for the remainder of the day. The overall consensus, however, was that the person taking it definitely wouldn't "grow" breasts or experience any kind of penal reduction, but that taking it long-term probably wouldn't be wise.

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What happens if a man takes birth control pills?

Likewise, cis-gendered men also shouldn't try taking female birth control pills. According to Greatist, taking estrogen or progesterone birth control pills once or twice in their lives definitely would not have any kind of long-term effects, however, taking them regularly could be incredibly detrimental to sex drive and fertility, and could even cause breast tissue growth due to high amounts of female hormones.  

According to Healthline, a male oral contraceptive that suppresses sperm production is currently in the works. And while the side effects are negligible, as far as we know, many have wondered if men would ultimately take it on their own volition. Studies have shown, however, that single men have started showing more interest in controlling fertility, so an option for men could become more popular in years to come.

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If you're a cis-gendered man, we strongly suggest refraining from taking Plan B or birth control, but as previously mentioned, if one happens to enter your possession, one or two won't kill you (or luckily, your sex drive).

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