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Source: iStock

Please Don't Eat the Tablets You Find in Your Pregnancy Test


You can't believe everything you see on the internet, and it's about time the users of TikTok learned that lesson. 

It's unclear where this trend started, but users have started taking apart Clearblue pregnancy tests to prove that there's a Plan B contraceptive pill inside. There are more than enough videos about this on TikTok, where users are purchasing new Clearblue tests to take them apart. Inside of each of these tests is a small, tan-colored tablet.

This tablet, many users believe, is actually a Plan B pill. Of course, because these trends easily spiral out of control, more and more TikTok users are destroying pregnancy tests to see the tablet for themselves.

The legitimacy of this claim has (understandably) come into question — so, is there really Plan B in a pregnancy test?