Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Jabs Blake Lively With Birth Control "Failure" Quip

Self-isolation isn't easy for anyone, and it's especially challenging for some who have to deal with keeping their kids entertained.

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Apr. 27 2020, Updated 12:18 p.m. ET

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The long and storied tradition of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds trolling each other reignited recently when the two exchanged some playful insults on social media.

This time, however, they're getting their kids in on the fun.

It's not like Ryan and Blake haven't been above getting other folks involved in their prank wars. When A Simple Favor was set to be released, Anna Kendrick was caught in the crossfire.

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Hugh Jackman, his wife Deb, Jake Gyllenhaal, and even Ryan Gosling aren't strangers to being a part of the gibes the married couple exchanges.

However, now that the two entertainers are in self-isolation, they're spending more time than ever with their kids, which has gotten them into some pretty hilarious situations.

Like when Blake uploaded a photo of the Six Underground star's hair turned into a tiny ponytail thanks to his daughter's handiwork with a tiny scrunchie.

"I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity," Blake wrote, sharing the evidence of Ryan's embarrassing quarantine "haircut" with the rest of the world.

Ryan had a rejoinder to Blake's post, but not with a photo of his own. No, he used Blake's own troll job against her.

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All he did was add another caption to the picture she uploaded, writing, "Clearly your birth control doesn't work, so..."

Oh yes, he went there, but then again, anyone who's followed Ryan for a while on social media knows that the entertainer doesn't pull any punches.

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blake lively ig story
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This isn't the first time the Canadian actor's made dark jokes about the "joys" of parenthood, or even birth control in general. Like the time he quipped about making a baby carousel out of Nuva Rings so his child would know how lucky they are.

Yes, he actually tweeted that.

Or the time he said he dropped his infant daughter off at Burning Man. Or enrolled his baby girl in a bare-knuckle martial arts class where her opponent was a 31-year-old man.

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Or when he joked that the joys of parenthood were actually way more joyful when he wasn't, you know, a parent.

Although Ryan and Blake are pretty vocal about their kids and aren't afraid to joke around about their roles as parents, they usually keep announcements about their family life a little close to the chest.

After their first daughter, James, was born, they didn't really talk about her to media outlets until she was about three months old. The same went for their second daughter, Inez. Blake reportedly delivered her third child some two months ago, and the couple have yet to reveal any details about their baby, including their name or sex.

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In addition to providing folks with trolltastic social media barbs, Ryan and Blake have been extremely active in getting relief to those afflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic, donating tons of money to food banks and urging others to help as well. Ryan's mobile phone company, Mint, also offered unlimited data and free service for peeps during this trying time. So they're not just good at roasting each other, they're just, good...period.

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