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Joe Biden Is Getting His Own Ice Cream Flavor Just In Time For Summer

If there's one thing that Joe Biden loves more than Barack Obama, it's ice cream. The Internet is full of photos of the vice president enjoying a cone, and honestly, we all need someone who looks at us the way Biden looks at a scoop of rocky road. 

And now, Biden is getting his own flavor. In April, Biden spoke at various universities and spelled out consent as part of his "It's On Us" campaign. And to thank him, Cornell University has decided to brand a new flavor after Biden. 

According to The Cornell Daily Sun, Biden is a simple man, and is all about a scoop of "old-fashioned chocolate chip." So the Cornell Dairy and the Cornell Convocation Committee have joined forced to create their spin on the classic. 

Now all they have to do is pick a name. Possible names include: Biden's Chocolate Bites, Bits n' Biden, Big Red, White & Biden, Not Your Average Joe's Chocolate Chip, and Uncle Joe's Chocolate Chip. 

Joe Biden from the '90s would be proud. 

Hopefully Biden will receive a lifetime supply.