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This Dog Tried To Help A Reporter Read The News And Twitter Is In Love

THIS JUST IN: A dog decided that there was a severe lack of pup-ness on Russian news station MIR 24, so they gave a reporter a helping paw during a live broadcast.

The dog quickly became a viral star, interrupting TV anchor Linarte's presentation by jumping up on the desk and sniffing at her notes.

Probably his way of checking the facts? I don't know much about dog journalism, so I can only guess.

The little pupper seemed ecstatic to be on air while Linarte did a pretty good job of keeping it together.

Well, kinda.

Linarte gave the adorable pupper a quick pet before ultimately revealing that she was a cat lady.

"I actually prefer cats," she said to the audience in Russian. No word on how this made the dog feel. reports that the dog was part of another segment and somehow got loose in the studio before making his appearance live.

Once Twitter got hold of the incident, obviously, everyone was ecstatic that the cute black lab got his shot at finally becoming a co-anchor.

Such a good boy.