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This Blind Date From Hell Has The Internet Screaming

This Blind Date From Hell Has The Internet Screaming
11 months ago

Everybody in New York City knows that the best part of getting Time Out New York handed to you while you're getting on the subway is getting to read the "Undateables" section, in which two New Yorkers are thrown together on a blind date at some hip restaurant. Often, it unfolds as a mini reality show, featuring the kind of bitchiness New Yorkers have mastered. And in this week's issue, the column might have reached its apex, with the lopsided duo of Alyssa and Billy.

Let's talk about Billy.

There's a lot to unpack there. This 24-year-old lives on the Upper East Side, gets mad when a women is five minutes late to a date, and apparently thinks a good conversation is someone complimenting him "many times." (Full disclosure: I used to freelance regularly for Time Out and on one occasion I organized a series of blind dates for the magazine for a similar feature.)

The internet couldn't get enough of this guy.

And even people who know him didn't defend him.

Billy tried to defend his name in tweets that have since been deleted. "Hey ladies! It's easy to think someone's a dick when the magazine takes full artistic liberty with their words! GROSSLY misquoted! Awful!" someone claiming to be Billy tweeted. "I would swear on my life that I was grossly misquoted. Not for me? Yes. Doesn't have the goods? Never would I say that. I'm actually upset."

Who knows if there's any validity to Billy's claims, but it should be mentioned that Billy has this description on his IMDB page: