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'Game Of Thrones' Had Another Stark Reunion But This Time It Was Awkward

It's been years since the Stark children have seen each other. In season six, we finally got to see Jon and Sansa reunite, and with Arya heading north, we'll presumably have another tearful moment this season. But on last night's episode, it was Bran's turn. But how do you explain being able to time travel to your sister? Rather awkwardly, according to Twitter. 

It all started with Bran arriving at Winterfell in style.
The reunion itself was pretty awkward.
And then Bran had to explain the whole time travel thing...
And then Bran brought up the whole Ramsey thing that he only knew about because he was time travel creeping on Sansa.
Some people are just wondering how Sansa is taking all of this...
Others were just glad that we had something to be happy about this episode.
While this person is just looking forward to another reunion...