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This Apartment-Hunter Got A Racy Text From Her Broker In Truly Mortifying Accident

Comedian Shannon Odell is searching for an apartment in New York City right now, and while that's always a hellish experience, it got a little more insane after her broker accidentally sent her the strangest sext in the world.

That's right: the sext is apparently directed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and... his brother? 

Anyway, though this would make me feel such intense secondhand embarrassment that I'd probably try to find a new broker, Shannon went and looked at the apartment anyway. And apparently, the broker still KEPT BRINGING THE TEXT UP

Shannon told Someecards that the broker did offer her and her boyfriend a lower fee (of 12 percent) and $25 off the application fee for their, um, trouble. But it turns out that when they saw the apartment, they didn't even like it. After all that!

Still, the internet has questions. Like: why would anyone want to do a sex act with the governor while the New York City subways are going through an actual crisis?

Even more startlingly, this apparently isn't even the first time people have gotten inappropriate messages from their brokers.

Anyway, someone find Shannon an apartment. She's earned it.

[h/t Someecards]