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Chris Cohoon
This Little Girl Does Not Understand How Game Boys Work And It Is Adorable

Like most kids who grew up in the 1990's I had a Game Boy. I used to play all sorts of games on it, from Pokemon Red to Pokemon Blue. 

The last Game Boy game to be released was Pokemon Yellow in 1999. Nintendo has released a number of handheld systems since then while our Game Boys gather dust. However, recently a current child tried to play Pokemon Yellow on a Game Boy and she confused by it in the most adorable way. 

She thought the screen was a tough screen. Sorry, kid, but you'll need to wait for the Nintendo DS for that. You might be wondering why she just didn't use any of the massive buttons on the bottom of the Game Boy. Presumably she didn't want to go back to the Game Boy's home screen. 

Everyone who watched the video had the same thought. We all miss our game boys. 

i miss my gameboy

Joe Ansel

I miss my game boy :(


My Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and PS2 were everything 🎮



edwin to lit

Hopefully she figures it out soon because Pokemon Yellow was a lot of fun and no one should miss out on it just because they don't understand buttons.