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Leslie Jones Getting Selfies With Beyonce And Jay-Z Is Extremely Relatable

What would you do if you got to meet Beyoncé? Cry and then black out? Same. What if she offered to take a selfie with you? Die instantaneously? Sounds right.

Leslie Jones is stronger than all of us. She got to meet Beyoncé, she got to take a selfie with her, and she lived to post about it on Twitter:

Now, I personally think that Jones is a beautiful woman, but she definitely looks like she is having an out-of-body experience in that pic. Beyoncé is very chill in comparison. 

Though Jones claims she was also nervous when she met Mr. Beyoncé, she looks much more relaxed in this selfie with Jay Z:

Jones's fans are all sympathy and praise:

If you can survive looking directly into Beyoncé's face and talking to her without having a hysterical fit, you're a winner.