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Source: NBC

10 People Who Got Banned From 'Saturday Night Live'


Saturday Night Live has always sought to push the envelope of what you can and can't do on television. Nevertheless, a few performers throughout the past four decades have gone over the line to such an extent, they were either officially or unofficially permanently banned from ever appearing on the show again.

Honestly, though, some of these verdicts should definitely be reconsidered. Here are 10 people who are banned from Saturday Night Live, along with the incidents that led to their banishment from Studio 8H.

1. Martin Lawrence

Source: Getty Images

Martin was banned from SNL 15 years ago this month, and his case is definitely one where the punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime. Martin delivered a very blue routine about women with questionable hygiene that didn't go over well with a lot of viewers and certainly not with series creator Lorne Michaels. 

Apparently the producer was so upset by the jokes, future broadcasts of the episode censored a good portion of the routine along with a disclaimer assuring viewers they didn't approve of Martin's words. The edict from on high was that the comedian was never again allowed to host, appear or even be mentioned on the show. However, Leslie Jones did name-drop the Bad Boys star in 2016 so maybe in another five years he'll be allowed back in the studio for a cameo.