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Old 'Family Guy' Episode With Creepy Joke About Kevin Spacey Goes Viral

Old 'Family Guy' Episode With Creepy Joke About Kevin Spacey Goes Viral
7 months ago

There are tons of "open" secrets in Hollywood that people don't talk about. One of the most recent and terrifying secrets in Tinseltown that blew up was Harvey Weinstein's storied behavior of sexual abuse

People who work in the industry or have friends who do, always hear these rumors about rich and powerful executives, actors, producers, directors, and the double lives in they lead.

McFarlane hinted at this during a 2013 Oscars joke.

Seth McFarlane somehow called Kevin Spacey's alleged behavior way back in 2005 in this Family Guy clip that features a nude Stewie running through a clothing store, screaming about being trapped in Kevin Spacey's basement.

Once the allegations from actor Anthony Rapp came out, however, the Spacey conveniently "outed" himself as he issued a pseudo-apology for what he might have done, a decision that many criticized him for, including many fellow entertainers. 

Everyone was pretty much unanimous in decrying Spacey's decision to come out as a "smokescreen" from the fact that he once allegedly attempted sexual advances on a minor.

Others were shocked at how well Spacey's "ploy" is working.

While others were just shocked that Spacey would conflate an archaic stereotype of homosexuals "lusting" after young boys. 

There are tons of other people who've criticized the way Spacey came out. And as painful as it is for survivors like Rapp to come out and share their stories, it's an important step in ensuring that inappropriate sexual advances are not tolerated, no matter how talented, rich, or powerful the individual.