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Chrissy Teigen Puts Racist Man In Viral Racist Video On Blast--And We Agree 100%

Another week, another instance of Chrissy Teigen being the absolute best at destroying fools on social media.

When it comes to verbally smacking fools down on Twitter, Teigen takes on all comers. Whether it's mom shamers...

...or certain Presidents of the United States of America, the supermodel and TV personality is never afraid to let jerks know exactly how she feels.

So when she saw this video of a disgusting racist attacking an Asian man on a train, she had plenty to say about it.

As a result of posting the video, Teigen sparked a conversation on racism in America, and how insane it is that it occurred in an area thought of as "progressive."

Other people just marveled at how the man being attacked restrained himself in the video.

The FBI has reported that the number of hate crimes has reached a five year high since Trump was elected, suggesting a positive correlation between a spike in racially motivated assaults and the Donald taking the White House.

What do you think?