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Time Reveals Its List Of Ten Finalists For 'Person Of The Year,' And It's A Doozy

It's that time of year again. The special time right before Time announces their Person of the Year, the annual award given to whoever made the biggest impact on history that year, for better or for worse. 

On Monday, Time announced their shortlist and there are some pretty interesting choices on there. 

Already everyone has their picks. 

People are even rooting for candidates who aren't on the list, and some ideas sound more serious than others. 

And of course we're bracing for the worst after Trump's last take on the nominations.

Though he was quickly shot down when the magazine said that TIME does not comment on their choice until publication. 

In 2015 for example, the magazine selected German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she was not interviewed of photographed before the announcement, and a painting of Merkel was used for the cover. 

 The winner will be announced on Wednesday, so place your bets now.