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Fan Tweets Unsettling Deadpool Photo To Ryan Reynolds, And Ryan Just Responded
4 months ago

Ryan Reynolds has a very saucy online presence. He loves tweeting and he loves responding to fans, but it is still a very holy day when a Deadpool fan gets a reply.

In the case of @highlandersteve (which is a very good handle, congrats, Steve), the means used to get Reynolds attention were extreme. It involved incorporating a Deadpool action figure, with a seasonal reference, plus some ultra-violence.

Behold Elf-On-The-Shelf getting stabbed by a super hero:

Graphic, but pretty awesome. Elf-On-The-Shelf is basically a toy that teaches kids it is normal to be constantly surveilled and judged, if you ask me.

That doesn't mean kids don't love it, even Reynold's daughter. He retweeted the image, saying, "This would make my daughter cry for a hundred years and I have no intention of converting it into wallpaper for her bedroom ceiling, you sick bastard."

Ya did it, @highlandersteve.

Others tried to get Reynold's attention:

Some wondered on what his wife would think about the remodel:

But most gave their thumbs up to fandom:

But my favorite response was from the people who were oddly concerned about an Ikea lantern in the background of this stabbing:

Do you work for Ikea? Who cares! I need a picture of Deadpool smashing that thing on the floor.