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Disneyland Visitors Were Horrified By These Headless Robots At The Park

Disneyland Visitors Were Horrified By These Headless Robots At The Park
4 months ago

There's a reason that Five Nights At Freddy's is such a hit: it's because it preys on people's very real fears of animatronic robots.

They move around unnaturally and seem to have this vacant expression in their eyes that suggests they envy you for your humanity and they'll do anything to have it...anything.

I don't know why  places like Chuck-E-Cheese still have these things in their franchises. Please just take them out already and replace them with another ball pit or slide or something. And as scared as I am of them, I get why pizza party joints like that keep their robots.

But places like Disneyland? Why do they still have these creepy bots?

Are they well-constructed and faithful to their film counterparts? Yes. But they're still scary, and were somehow made infinitely more terrifying when, for some reason, they lost their heads.

That's right, two animatronic characters at Disneyland were decapitated. But that didn't phase them - they kept on singing. They kept on singing.

And people recorded the horror for proof.

Warning: if the idea of a headless robot singing sounds troubling, please don't watch this.

This has to be some kind of robot union worker's violation or something.

Some park visitors thought that the headless Ursula was a good look for the Disney villain. I mean if the whole point is to make her as scary as possible, then they're pretty much nailing it.

And of course, people had jokes.

Same Christie, same.

There were fitting Alice in Wonderland references, as well.

Ursula wasn't the only one who lost her head, either.

This guy might think it's fascinating, but that's probably not the word I'd use to describe an air-suspended robotic face grinning at me.

I mean, just look at this mess.

Keep it away from me, at all costs.