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Husband Takes 'Sexy' Photos While Doing Chores And People Can't Stop Laughing

It's always great when your significant other does the housework. But Redditor dirty-ol-sob recently mistook his wife's appreciation for helping around the house as a kink. He decided to be a little seductive and send his wife some sexy photos as he did odd chores around the house. 

Which gave birth to these masterpieces... 

My wife really likes it when I do house work so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on. from funny

Dirty-ol-sob posted the photos to Reddit, where they attracted quite a bit of attention. 

A lot of effort went into these. 

Others needed to calm down too. 

While some wanted to know if it worked. 

It didn't, by the way. 

Others just thought she was bragging, though. 

And people really want to steal the idea. 

What a great idea.