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Chrissy Teigen Accuses John Legend Of Doing The One Thing That Annoys Everybody

Your significant other is also often your roommate, which can lead to strife in the home. This is true even of celebrity couples. Even of eerily perfect celebrity couples.

Like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Could they be more beautiful and in love?

Look at them. Perfect couple, perfect marriage.

Or are they?! It would be really hard to deal with this perfection if Chrissy Teigen weren't so enthusiastic about tormenting John Legend on Twitter. 

On Wednesday, she very publicly called him out on what is obviously an issue around the home—taking the phone chargers.

It's truly a relief that these two squabble about something as ridiculous about phone chargers. Though it doesn't feel ridiculous when you do't have a charger; it feels enraging.

Teigen tried to come up with a new way to keep Legend from stealing her stuff. Maybe make the charger too cute?

A few other celebrities weighed in. Apparently, Andy Richter has this issue?

Ruby Rose suggested she get chargers written into her appearance contract, so someone else has to provide them.

People are really enjoying this vision of John Legend, charger thief:

And coming up with ways to thwart him:

And they got jokes!

No matter how big you get, it's the little things that will drive your wife crazy.