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Roommates Buy A Husky Puppy With Nude Photos And Twitter Has Mixed Opinions

Chances are, you'd do just about anything for a husky puppy. Have you seen huskies recently? They're absolutely adorable. Especially husky puppies. And now one Twitter user, courtaney03, or Court, from Alaska, has shown just how far her roommates will go for a husky puppy  — and it's pretty extreme. 

One of Court's roommates recently received an offer she couldn't refuse —  she could pay for a husky puppy with another kind of currency. So she decided to consult with her roommates by text whether she should go for it or not. 

Of course, they decided that she should. 

Court posted a picture of the puppy, who they decided to call Balto. 

And proof that they asked the woman whose photos they sent to the guy. 

To summarize, the house got a free puppy and didn't even have to do anything. Someone got scammed, but people seem to be OK with it. Twitter seemed to be OK with it too. 

Though some people did seem to take issue with the exchange. Again, Court says she asked permission from the woman and received it. 

Others thought it was a pretty good deal. 

Others are more concerned about the puppy. 

A deal's a deal.