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20 People Share the Things That Only People With Siblings Will Understand



What authority do I have to write about siblings? Well, for starters, I have two of them. I am the oldest of three, and my little brother was born when I was two, which means I have 28 years of experience as someone's older sister. And I have to say, I'm pretty good at it. Now. When you have siblings, there are certain things you experience that those without siblings will simply never understand. The good people of Reddit came together to list those things. 

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1. Accomplices and rivals

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Zombiebane explains that only people with siblings can understand how a person can be an accomplice and a rival at exactly the same time. One second, you'll be plotting and playing and the next, you're trying to one-up each other and getting furiously angry with each other. 

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2. Changing alliances


Beerbellybegone recognizes that especially when you have multiple siblings, the alliances are every-changing, and it can be hard to keep up. "Is my brother on my side or my sister's side today?" they write. And the problem is that there is no way to know. Most of the time, you just have to feel it out.

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3. Laughter over tears

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This next skill is key if you have siblings. 19you1 explains that all siblings know how to make your sibling laugh "so their cries are not credible." If they're giggling through their tears they can't get you in trouble! You just made them laugh!

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4. Apologies not required


Kapojinha claims that you don't apologize to your siblings after a fight. You just start talking to them again. And to some extent, that's true. Siblings get into so many little spats every day that if we were to apologize for every disagreement, we'd never get to bed. That being said, for big fights, I still think apologies are worth it. 

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5. Bathroom switches

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I don't know why anyone would but a bathroom switch on the outside of the door, but you won't realize how terrible an idea that is unless you have siblings. Kuro-oruk has no doubt also been in the shower when the lights mysteriously go out and has just had to finish rinsing off in the dark. 

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6. Older sibling privileges

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Deblebsgonnagetyou says that if you have an older sibling, you know the feeling of them just coming into your room without asking and not being able to ask them to leave because they're older and just won't listen. As an older sibling myself, I have no idea what they're talking about.

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7. An eye for an eye

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HarpyFA illustrates a situation all people with siblings know very well with one simple exclamation: "Please don't tell mum! Look, you can hit me back!" Anything not to get in trouble, am I right?

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8. Invoking mom

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According to Imtherealwierdly, "Mom said it's my turn" is the biggest thing that siblings understand. Mom's word is law (Dad's is a close second), and what Mom says goes. We all know that. 

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9. Blackmail


MrOreoMan101 writes, "The amount of blackmail you have on each other that creates a Cold War scenario." It's true. Oh, you want to tell everyone about my mistake? Well, I have approximately 983 true stories that you don't want out there in the world, so good luck.

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10. Player one

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For those who play video games, it's so refreshing, as megaman0781 writes, to finally be player one after you were player two for years. I don't play many videos games, but man do I understand the sentiment.

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11. Shoveling it in

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If you grew up with siblings, especially brothers, you, like breadhead84, understand that you end up "eating things you don't actually want in that moment because if you don't have them now they'll be gone and you'll never get them." To be fair, this is also true when you are in a relationship with a dude.

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12. Sports games

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Oh my god I feel this one so hard. cDubz4 writes that only people with siblings know what it's like to sit through endless sports games. I probably spent years of my life at my brother's baseball games and my sisters dance recitals. The dance recitals were the worst because my sister was in one dance out of approximately a million of them. I guess I got them back with my softball games, though.

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13. Playing dress up

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Notathrowawayoris remembers basically being used as a doll by their sister and her friends, dressing them up in their clothes, putting makeup on, and making them dance around the house. I would be lying if I said I didn't do this to my siblings. 

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14. Lax rules

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If you're an older sibling, I am positive you know this feeling. With you, your parents had strict rules, but as Crystalide points out, those rules start to deteriorate with your younger siblings and they're allowed to do things you would have never been allowed to do at their age. It sucks!

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15. The holy grail

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Probably the number one source of fights in my household growing up started over the TV remote and who could control it. That was evidently the same for beerbellybegone, who writes that it "was a matter of life and death." They're not wrong.

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16. Seat saving

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Patheticgurl remembers "literally dehydrating" themselves just so they wouldn't lose their prime spot on the couch that would definitely be stolen if you got up. I remember doing this exact thing. 

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17. Only you can rag on your sibling


Beetleeagle667 perfectly explains this universal truth. As an older sibling, you are allowed to rag on your younger siblings and give them as much crap as you want. But if anyone else tries that, they're going to get a beating.

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18. Wrestling

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When you have siblings, wrestling solves everything. Iilyfeon knows that so much wrestling goes on between siblings for literally no reason. And while it often starts off innocent enough, it almost always ends in a real fight.

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19. Stop looking


Fen_Misting provides this simple exclamation that brings up so many latent feelings: "THEY'RE LOOKING AT ME!!!" I mean, how dare your sibling look at you?! Right?! Awful. 

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20. Different perspectives

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HowWasItDetroit explains this weird thing that definitely happens when you and your siblings are older. You end up realizing that you all have completely different experiences and perspectives on your childhood. You remember things one way, and you slowly realize that your siblings thought about those same experiences in totally different ways. It makes you wonder if you even grew up in the same house. But you know you did. You know that no matter what, that sibling love is forever.

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