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20+ National Sibling Day Memes to Send to Your Favorite Brother or Sister


National Siblings Day is April 10 and before you start scrolling through your phone for the cutest family photos from your childhood, we thought you ought to first congratulate your brother or sister with memes. Because nothing quite encapsulates the feeling of growing up with a big brother or little sister in the house like a funny and relatable image you can laugh about all day.

So scroll through these funny pics and see which one best represents your relationship with your siblings. Were you guys competitive as kids? Always vying for mom and dad's attention? Or would you try and scapegoat your little brother into taking the fall for all of your mischief? Were you always the one who called shotgun, and did it make it your mission in life not to let your big sister ever take the front seat?

Whatever relationship you have with your siblings is sure to be summed up in this catalogue of memes. From cute animal siblings to throwback Mary-Kate and Ashley, with even some Beyoncé sprinkled in, we've got you covered. 

We scoured the internet to find the 25 freshest and most relatable brother and sister memes to celebrate this incredible day that only comes once a year (although it really feels like it happens more than that, doesn't it?).

Send the funniest memes to your siblings and maybe even pick up the phone to give them a call (a text works too). Let them know how much you love them — after all, you're stuck with them for life.

Happy National Siblings Day!

1. When your sibling's crush calls and you answer the phone.

Source: Instagram