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13 Problems Firstborn Siblings Can Relate To


There have been plenty of studies about birth order, with a lot of argument about how much it affects your personality if at all. But even if there's no real consensus on the traits firstborn children might exhibit, there are definitely experiences that are almost universal for older siblings. As the eldest kid in my family, I admit we have a few advantages — like being the only ones who get to experience being an only child for at least a few years — it's not always a picnic. 

A recent thread on Ask Reddit tasked the firstborns of the internet with listing all the bummer consequences of being the oldest kid in their families. If that's you, these firstborn problems will definitely resonate.

1. Way more restrictions.

Parents tend to relax the rules more for younger siblings, in part when it comes to bedtimes, how much screen time you get, or other "when you're X years old" privileges. But, funny thing, a lot of times we firstborns get to that age only to see the door left open for our little brothers and sisters. "I was the oldest kid of 3, and the second I was allowed to do anything my little bros were instantly allowed to do it too," says ToughPack88. "I PAVED THE WAY FOR YOU GUYS."

Boy do I feel this one. I had to wait until I was 12 to see my first rated-R movie. You know who was right there with me? My freaking 8-year-old sister. So disrespectful.