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People Questioned Ryan Reynolds About His Marriage And He Responded Perfectly
3 weeks ago

Ryan Reynolds has a dry, self-deprecating wit that plays perfectly on Twitter. Well, it's not exactly self-deprecating. It's more a slightly sarcastic acknowledgement of how great he is.

And he usually ropes his family into his routine:

In fact, his jokes about his kids might be funnier than all the dad comedians out there:

But he also likes to drag his wife, Blake Lively, into his routine:

But no one messes with the Reynolds-Lively household except for Ryan Reynolds himself!

IBTimes India tweeted some gossip over Easter weekend, saying Reynolds and Lively were having trouble finding "quality time" to spend together:

Reynolds had the perfect response to this slander:

The man needs time alone. To be with himself. Get it?

As always, people are utterly charmed by Reynolds blatant rudeness to his wife:

This is a very optimistic vision of what "me time" looks like:

This is probably a lot closer:

Celebrities: they're just like us. Perverts.