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This Snow Dog's Adventures Will Warm Your Icy Heart

By Distractify Staff

The internet is an amazing place, and when you get a picture of a dog in human clothes and people with Photoshop, the results are hilarious. 

Let me guide you through this little pups struggle to figure out his identify. From painter to explorer - this dog has tried it all. 

Dogs are man's best friend, and there is a reason why.  They give you unconditional love and something furry to hangout with after work.  When you end up with a cute dog and an Instagram account the owners can get very creative with how they dress their furry friends.  The one fluffy friend does a great job of being able to pull off every look.  I can confidently say that anyone over the age of 30 at one point in life wanted to be Bob Ross.  Just doing some painting and moving bushes around even though they were not there in real life.

Doggo Barb — based off the character Barb Holland on "Stranger Things."