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You Can Now Do Yoga With Goats

You Can Now Do Yoga With Goats
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Updated 1 year ago

The  G.O.A.T. of fitness trends is Goat Yoga. It's exercise in which your biggest challenge isn't physical. It's mental. Can you listen to the instructor if there is a baby goat jumping up and down on your back? 

CNN reports that Lainey Morse of Albany, Oregon, started Goat Yoga at her farm after a friend suggested hosting a regular yoga class there. After jokingly saying, "Okay, but the goats have to join in," the joke became real. 

Lainey owns eight goats who wander in and out amongst the practitioners, sniffing, gently chewing hoodie strings, and climbing up their downward dogs. There is often a lot of cuddling. Naturally, these classes have become absurdly popular. Lainey says she currently has a 1,200 person waitlist for her classes. Pictures show some extremely satisfied customers:

When I initially saw this, I thought that adding a goat to yoga is a particularly unnecessary way to make a yoga class unique. As adorable as it is, there have to be certain issues which no one is addressing. Okay I'll say it. Goat pee and goat poop. Also, no matter how small and used to humans they may be, putting your face down by a goat's hoof feels like an invitation to get kicked. And goats will eat anything! RIP your $60 yoga mat and Lululemon pants. But Lainey's wise words to CNN made me reconsider this No Goat Yoga position.

"It may sound silly, but goat yoga is really helping people," she explains, "People come in that have anxiety, depression; they're recovering from cancer or illness." Morse also uses her goats in animal assisted therapy for people that suffer from depression or disabilities. 

"It's not curing diseases, but it's helping people cope with whatever they're going through." That's true. Sometimes cuddling an animal can make all the difference in how you feel. That's why my cat collection keeps expanding. Also, these goats are trained:

Which can be very tiring, apparently:

Is there Goat Napping? Because that's something I'd pay for. 

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