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Elephants Run To Welcome A Baby Elephant And It's Like A Scene From A Disney Movie


It's easy to forget that we aren't the only sentient beings on this planet, possibly even in this universe. After all, with work, bills, and side work being the norm for the overwhelming majority of us to forget that nearly every living life form we interact with has feels as well. Love, fear, anger, spite, you name it. You can see it easily in neighborhood strays. They know who to run from, who to hiss, and who to sheepishly walk towards when it's too cold outside and their natural food supply has run dry. If you've ever seen the neighborhood cat give birth, you know that they'll be extremely aggressive and protective up until birth when she's most vulnerable, and if you help her bring her new kitties into the world, she will forever be grateful to you. You might even be able to pet one of the newborns without getting clawed, though I wouldn't suggest you test your luck if you haven't made your move shortly after they were born.

You see plenty of videos online of pets exploding with joy when they're reunited with their siblings or parents years after they've been separated. It's easy to be moved to tears, but sometimes the interactions they have with one another are so jaw dropping that it gives you a new appreciation for life that isn't human.

If you've ever had a dog as a pet, then you've probably experienced that shower of affection they throw on you when you come back home from work or a long trip.

They're so excited to see you that you start to wonder why in the heck human beings can't be capable of the same ebullient, overflowing love that puppers just can't seem to contain.