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These Animals Are So Ready To Spend Their Summer At The Beach

These Animals Are So Ready To Spend Their Summer At The Beach
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1 year ago

I've never taken my dog to the beach, but I suspect she would like it. There would be things to smell and places to dig holes, and that's really all it takes to make her happy. There are also good places to sleep, but she can really do that anywhere.

The point is that beaches are a perfect place for dogs, so it is no wonder that no one has ever seen an unhappy dog there. Every dog is constantly either playing or sleeping, and only sleeping long enough for them to be reenergized for the next round of playing.

So take your dogs to the beach this summer. They'll thank you later. 

Big day of digging.
The Bond Girl shot.
Don't mind us. We are just going for a morning stroll.
I remember this place.
My bed is a hole.
This is so much fun!
A pirate and his friend make it to land.
Whew. What a day.
Family beach day!
Wanna go for a dip?
He did a lot of growing up there.
No nap like a beach nap.
My beach body is ready.
Just showing her around.
Come here often?
No. I don't want to go!
The beach is for cuddling.
This is much better than the sand we have at home.
Stop! You're embarrassing me!
Everything the sun touches is our kingdom.
Can we come back tomorrow?
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