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This Guy Woke Up To Find The Cutest Wild Animal Infestation Ever

This Guy Woke Up To Find The Cutest Wild Animal Infestation Ever
9 months ago

 Alaskan photographer Tim Newton found a sight that’s both adorable and a little terrifying when he woke up early one recent morning – the occupation of SEVEN lynx kittens and their proud mama on his deck. Honestly, they’re much cuter than the mouse I recently found in my kitchen. 

 “Tim was awakened by noises on our deck last week - and looked outside,” Newton’s Facebook post about the cuties said. “In astonishment, he grabbed his camera.. and can you believe it? Mama Lynx and her SEVEN kits!! She called to them and they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing (he was inside the screen door!).” 

 “Amazing ALASKA WILD LIFE!!!” the post continued, noting that the little kittens proceeded to bounce and pounce around their deck and yard. 

 Newton told a local news station that he initially thought the animals were just house cats. "I started to think nothing more of it," he said. "But then I noticed it had really big feet and little tiny hairs on its ears. So I knew then it was probably a lynx kitten – not a full grown cat." 

 "Normally when you see a lynx, you have just enough time to get your camera out, and then they're gone," he said. "So I was thrilled I could get a couple pictures of them playing on the deck. And I thought that might be the end of it." 

 But it wasn’t. The lynx ended up playing around his house for about 40 minutes. Even when Newton went outside to take a look at the animals, the animals weren’t shy. 

 "I actually had my bathrobe on," says Newton. "So I didn't have legs, as far as the kits could tell. And I didn't have eyes or a head. I just had this big round thing that went 'Click, click, click.' So I think the little kittens didn't have any clue what I might be." 

 [h/t Bored Panda

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