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Is One Direction Getting Back Together? Liam Payne Spills the Beans


One Direction was a phenomenon. Harry Styles. Liam Payne. Niall Horan. Louis Tomlinson. Zayn Malik. They were the biggest thing for a while there. But then in 2016, they went their separate ways. A boy band that was formed during The X Factor was never going to last forever. Few boy bands do. 

After One Direction went in... different directions back in 2016, each of the members embarked on their own solo careers. The most successful by far is Harry Styles, but the other guys are out there killing it, too. It may have been a few years since they performed together, but they're all still young and in the spotlight, which has people asking the ultimate question. 

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Is One Direction getting back together?

It kind of seems inevitable, doesn't it? How could One Direction have parted ways forever? There has to be a reunion on the horizon, right? Right! According to Liam Payne, we can definitely expect a One Direction reunion. The details, though, are nowhere near set yet.

Metro reports that while Liam was a guest on U.K. talk show Sunday Brunch, he spilled the beans about whether or not the band would ever reunite. "I think at some point we will get back together. I think we will for sure," he said. 

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Did you hear that? He didn't say they will "do a reunion show" or "go on one last tour." He actually said the words "we will get back together." Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but that seems pretty promising. 

When is One Direction getting back together?

Well, that's the thing. No one really knows. Liam said of the reunion, "I don't know when that is yet, but all I know is that there are at least two years because everyone's released new music and you have to go and promo. There are at least two years." Since each individual member is still touring and promoting their solo projects, Liam seems to think a One Direction reunion won't happen until 2022 at least. Can you wait that long?

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Remember that they didn't actually officially "break up" in 2016. They went on an extended hiatus. Of course, who knows if Zayn will ever return — he quit the band in March 2015 before everyone else decided to take a break. Liam doesn't seem to think he'll be on board to return, since when he left, it wasn't on great terms.

Still, maybe enough time has passed and bygones are bygones. Don't you think? They've all grown up a lot in the last few years and gone on with their separate lives, so much so that they don't really see or talk to each other anymore. Liam said that he had just recently seen Harry for the first time in three years. 

People seem to think of members of a band as best friends or at least more than coworkers, but Liam says that that wasn't really the case for One Direction. Especially after spending so much time together for over five years, they were all at each other's throats and ready to take a break. 

Liam said, "The thing I always describe it as is if you imagine an office — and One Direction was my office — there's one person you don't really get along with, one person you don't know very much about, one person you hang out with all the time, and someone you're sort of friends with." So there you have it, folks. They may not be best friends, but something tells me the members of One Direction will be able to put aside their differences and get together again... for the fans.