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Sorry Directioners, but One Direction Doesn't Have a New Song Out — Yet



If you've been spending some time on Twitter this morning, you might have seen the One Direction fandom going a little nuts. For one thing, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan have all refollowed Zayn Malik. For another thing, the former members all are now following the official band account again.

As if that weren't enough to lead fans into a frenzy, Directioners also discovered that all five of the group’s albums are also now back on Apple Music and the group’s former website has been reactivated.

But then things got a little wilder. It was uncovered that there was a new entry to One Direction's page on Genius. Is "Five" really One Direction's new song, the one that they may reunite to put out?

Does One Direction have a new song coming out?

Whether One Direction puts out a new song or not, it will, most likely, not be "Five". The supposedly-soon-to-be-released song appeared on Genius on April 13 and fans were more than a little excited at the prospect of a new song coming out. And they were more than a little disappointed that the song isn't real.

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According to the Genius page for "Five", the song was to be released on Oct. 5, 2020 and all five of the band's original members had a hand in writing it. Considering that there have been several reports recently about the band getting back together and considering that there were also reports that Zayn was not involved in the planning, seeing a song being written by all the members seemed too good to be true. And that's because it was.

When it comes to Genius, you don't actually have to be a musician to put up a page, or add or annotate a song. In fact, it's crowdsourced. So when it was uncovered that no One Direction member was behind the new song's page, it was pretty clear that it's not any official confirmation of a new song.

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The page was created by a user by the name of Camilacabello, but we're pretty sure it's not the actual Camila Cabello coming out just to mess with One Direction fans.

Moreover, the song's bio read "yall are clowns", so that seems to confirm that this is pretty much just someone trying to cause trouble for the poor Directioners.

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All is not lost though. We may have new One Direction songs by year's end.

Before you get too upset over the lie that is "Five", maybe this will cheer you up: a One Direction reunion is expected to happen in 2020. Liam Payne mentioned it in an interview with The Sun and a source close to the band's management team confirmed it with Page Six.

"There’s still a long way to go and a lot of hurdles. Obviously, at the moment anything they do would have to be done virtually. But there’s a lot of goodwill between them now and they want to make something happen," the source said. According to Page Six, the ideas of a reunion in honor of the band's 10 year anniversary range from reuniting for a TV special to a new single, though a tour is currently ruled out. 

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