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Source: Twitter

Frida the Hero Dog Gets Her Own Statue with Her Human in Mexico

By Aimee Lutkin

All our pets are little heroes to us, but some animals go above and beyond, whether they're service dogs or pups who have been trained to search and rescue. Frida the dog is a lab who falls into the latter category: In 2017, she rescued a dozen people after an earthquake in Mexico leveled buildings, trapping people in the rubble.

Many dogs are trained to sniff people out in catastrophes, but Frida stood out from the pack. She found 12 people, saving their lives. Remezcla reports she was awarded a medal for her bravery a few months later called the Pagés Llergo prize.

She was also somewhat iconic for her search outfit, which involved goggles to protect her eyes from dust and debris, and specially-made booties to protect her feet as she traversed the broken buildings: