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The Internet Made Film Titles British And Just Try Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip About Them



There's something undeniably "British" about the way Brits carry themselves. That remarkably English sentiment, their phrases, words, manner of speaking. Not just the fact that they have some of the world's best actors and musicians, or the fact that they created the greatest car show of all time, you know when something is British and when it's very British it's also very funny.

Even though America was once just the "colonial leftovers" of the English empire, there are stark differences between American and English culture. And even though he share the same exact language, there's vast differences between even the way we title our films. Check out the delightful results of Twitter's attempt to make movies more British using the hashtag #makeafilmtotallyBritish.

You know how British accents make people seem smarter, funnier, and better-looking? It apparently works the same way with movies. Which may come as a surprise to some but not me, everything sounds better in an English accent. Even "Mozarella Sticks." Go on, say it, feels great, doesn't it?

And honestly, I think some of these movies should actually get made. I would totally watch "The Tesco Chainstore Massacre" or "The Brexit Club." In fact, when a highly stylized movie probably directed by Guy Ritchie is released about the Brexit debacle, it should be called "The Brexit Club."

Even the ones that are already really British were transformed to becoming even more British than they already were. And you know a Harry Potter film couldn't possibly be more English, well, change a tiny little letter and Bob's you uncle, it's done!

But please, if just one of these movies actually gets made: let it be a remake of Face/Off starring Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

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