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People Are Celebrating Chris Pine With 'Chris-Mas' Trees--And Now We Want One

People Are Celebrating Chris Pine With 'Chris-Mas' Trees--And Now We Want One
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7 months ago

There's a running Hollywood joke about people's favorite hot "Chris" actor. It's always a four-way match-up between Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Pine.  

There have been articles about it, and very, very strong Twitter opinions on this serious matter.

Personally, my favorite actor Chris is my best friend Chris Conroy, but a close second is Chris Pine.

The dude's a serious artist and happens to be a darn good-looking individual.

And tons of people agree, so much so that they're decorating their Christmas Pines with Chris Pines.

Get it??

It's a new Christmas tradition that should most definitely become a holiday staple in people's homes, or dorm room doors.

People noticed that the Chris Pines bore a striking resemblance to another celebrity-inspired Holiday decoration: Wreath Witherspoon.

In the words of taco shell commercial girl: "Why not both?"

A post shared by Dejan (@heydejan) on

It seems like everyone's in love with The Hell or Highwater star.

A post shared by Laurel Sue (@laurelsuewhoo) on

It's hard to blame people for adoring him and wanting to make him a part of their Yuletide fun.

A post shared by Ryan Hinkley (@thedjhinks) on

Or wanting to put his sculpted jaw on their foliage.

Life in a house with teenage girls. #chrispine #chrispinetree #whoisthis

A post shared by Jim Bachmann (@jim.bachmann) on

Or making "Pine-Nut" puns.

A post shared by Nancy Sun (@newfornancysun) on

Or making the perfect "Chris-Mas" tree of all time, by combining all of the famous Chrises onto one giant plant.

A post shared by Lauren (@laurenmandelbaum) on

I mean, mine would probably be decked out with photos of my best friend Chris, but that's not weird or anything, OK? That's just something best friends do... Shut up.

Or he and I could probably just decorate a Matthew "McConaughtree" together.

I love the holidays.

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