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A History of the Royal Family’s Most Savage Snubs

By Tiffany White

Becoming a royal takes more than wooing a member of the family and then prancing around in a fancy crown. There are a lot of family politics involved that makes navigating royalty even more of a headache. And if you make a misstep or do something the Queen doesn't like, don't be surprised if you find yourself getting snubbed at events or even being outright ignored.

You'd think given the royals' reputation for being "frosty," that they'd ease up a little, and, in small ways, they kind of have. Meghan Markle's acceptance into the family has gone a lot more smoothly than the tabloids had predicted. But others who've married into the family haven't had such luck.

Below, all the people who've found themselves on the opposite end of the family's icy wrath.

Camilla Parker Bowles