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Source: Getty Images

All the Times Someone Almost Died While Filming Shark Week

By Anna Quintana

After watching hours upon hours of Shark Week (admit it, we all do it), it's only natural to start wondering about the dangers of Discovery Channel's annual programming. Like, has anyone actually died while filming Shark Week? 

Yes, I know mosquitos kill more people each year than the underwater predator and sharks don't actually like eating humans. However, putting yourself into a cage to swim alongside sharks is not the safest situation. After a little bit of research, I'm proud to announce that there are no deaths attributed to Shark Week, but there have been more than a few close calls.

And when you remember that the concept of Shark Week was written on a cocktail napkin by Discovery Channel employees who were "lightly" inebriated, according to executive producer Brooke Runnette, a zero death toll is really quite impressive.