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Source: Lifetime

Rittany Finally Makes Her Big Return to 'Bring It!'

By Anna Quintana

If you've been watching Season 5 of Bring It!, you might have noticed that Rittany Anderson has been missing from all the Dancing Dolls drama. 

Well, luckily for viewers, Rittany is making her highly anticipated return to the Lifetime series — and drama between the overprotected aunt and Coach D is sure to ensue. And according to TV Guide, Rittany won't be coming alone. 

"The Dolls are bouncing off the walls to prepare for a special stand battle that includes props," a synopsis of episode nine reads. "Coach D fears the routine will fail when the dancers struggle to catch onto the choreography; and former DDP, Rittany, returns as her sister, Valisa, lashes out at Coach D's decisions."

Make that drama with a capital D.