‘Too Stupid to Die’ is Giving Us Nostalgic ‘Jackass’ Vibes — Check out the Next Generation of Daredevils

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Apr. 27 2020, Updated 1:23 p.m. ET

too stupid to die cacst
Source: Instagram

No millennial can forget the insane exploits of the Jackass cast in the early 2000s — and their movies that followed. Well, MTV’s next generation of viewers are being introduced to a new group of friends that choose to perform death-defying stunts for comedic pleasure in a new show titled Too Stupid to Die. Fans will watch on as this group tackles insane stunts, pranks, and just overall crazy antics. 

A press release for the MTV show states: "In the debut episodes, viewers are introduced to rural Indiana where this amateur stunt crew has nothing better to do with their time than take rat traps to the face, dodge golf carts, set off explosives, practice public archery and open a dangerous kissing booth, just for starters."

So, who is this new group of reality daredevils, and how can you follow them on Instagram? Read through to find out all about the cast of Too Stupid to Die:

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1. Zach Holmes

zach too stupid to die
Source: Instagram

Zach can be most associated as the Johnny Knoxville of the group. He is the leader and mastermind of Too Stupid to Die. Even in high school, the 26-year-old was performing crazy stunts for the sake of comedy, such as, lighting himself on fire.  Per MTV Zach is "The Stupid Genius" known as “the mastermind, building his following on Facebook and Instagram through his fearless stunts."

Instagram: @zackass

2. Coty Saints

coty too stupid to die cast
Source: Instagram

Per the MTV press release, Coty is known as "The Screamer" of the group. Though he may be more vocal than the others, he is apparently "always up for friendly competition and rarely plays by the rules." Well, we can’t wait to see how he’ll up the ante on the new show!

Instagram: @cotygonewild

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3. Meggan Mcghee

meggan too stupid to die cast
Source: Instagram

Referred to as "Hell on Wheels," Meggan, 26, is the only girl in a cast of all guys, but don’t be fooled, she can surely hold her own. "Thinking about the long rough road we went down to get here. I can’t believe we finally made it. This Friday me and my friends will be airing on National f--king television," she wrote on Instagram. "Whether everyone loves us or not, we’re here to bring em hell."

She continued, "I’m so proud of all of us and I know our future is bright. Here’s to the past and here’s to all of the new friends we’ve made along the way. I love you guys and I’m thankful for every one of you."

Instagram: @mt_mcghee

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4. Tommy Anderson

tommy too stupid to die cast
Source: Instagram

Tommy seems like the Steve-O of this group. Dubbed the "Most Redneck," MTV reveals Tommy is "the guinea pig of the group who will step up when others are too scared." Well, if he’s anything like Steve-O, we know he will get himself into some pretty insane situations. Hopefully, a tattoo of himself on his back isn’t something to follow…

Instagram: @Thomas_invincible

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5. Chadwick

chadwick too stupid to die cast
Source: Instagram

Don’t let the face tattoos scare you, Chadwick, 27, is known by the group as the "Tattooed Teddy Bear." According to the press release, he is "big-hearted and the glue that keeps the crew together."

Instagram: @chadwick_todie

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6. Damon "Blazer"

blazer too stupid to die cast
Source: Instagram

Damon, otherwise known as Blazer, 27, is the guy in this friend group who will pull off any disgusting stunt or dare. Also known as the "Human Trashcan," Blazer’s stunts are sure to summon your gag reflex while watching. 

Instagram: @blazer_was_here

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7. Khyler Vick

khyler too stupid to die cast
Source: Instagram

If you scroll through Khyler's Instagram, you’ll see one… or two pictures of himself bloodied with stitches. Khyler, or "Mr. Fearless." This 22-year-old daredevil will for sure have your heart racing as he jumps, smashes, or overall just performs insane stunts that could possibly leave him hospitalized.

Instagram: @khylervick 

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8. Chad Tepper

chad tepper too stupid to die cast
Source: Instagram

Chad is a popular Youtuber who visits the group in Indiana, and makes their stunts even more extreme … yes, apparently that is possible. Known as "The Instigator," Chad is always an inch away from a stunt going seriously wrong. Click through his Instagram to even see this stuntman getting his family members involved in his antics. We are feeling Bam Margera vibes with this one.

Instagram: @chadtepper

Watch Too Stupid to Die Sundays at 9:30 p.m. on MTV. 

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