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Source: Getty Images

These Celebrity Wedding Disasters Prove Money Can't Fix Drama


It’s nearly impossible to have a wedding day free of the occasional drunk uncle or ripped bridesmaid dress. And when you’re a celebrity, you have to imagine, the pricier the wedding, the higher the stakes for disaster. It could be something as simple as flubbed lines during the vows, or it could be Mother Nature showing she doesn’t discriminate against A-listers. Either way, these celeb wedding mishaps should offer you some sense of comfort about the pitfalls of your own big day.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Source: Getty Images

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are basically the Internet’s wacky mom and dad, a love that knows no bounds and spares no roasting. And though their Lake Cuomo wedding was beautiful, it was not without a touch of wackiness and drama. Apparently, storms in Ohio delayed some of Legend’s family from getting to the ceremony, and pushed the wedding ceremony back for hours.

So how did the rest of the wedding party deal? “They had cocktails for four hours!” Teigen told Martha Stewart Wedding. Honestly, could be worse.