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Source: Discovery Channel

In Case You Forgot, Here Is Why Chip Hailstone Was Missing From 'Life Below Zero'

By Anna Quintana

If you ever decide to binge-watch all 11 seasons of Life Below Zero, you might realize Chip Hailstone is missing from one season. That is because the Alaskan resident was sentenced to 15 months behind bars amid filming. 

During Season 10, Chip served his time while wife Agnes and their younger daughters took over hunting duties. He has since been released and returned to steal the spotlight on the Discovery Channel series, but many fans are still confused about why Chip (real name: Edward) went to prison in the first place. 

"Do any of y'all watch Life Below Zero? Chip caught a case & left Agnes with all them kids?! Clearly I haven't watched in a while," one viewer tweeted earlier this year. Another equally confused fan pleaded with President Trump to help Chip out, "Mr. President seen your justified pardons first to people who deserve them. Chip Hailstone of Life Below Zero should be considered. He spent year in jail for lying to police. Please study his case and act."