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Source: SME

Celebrity Breakup Songs, Defined By Lack of Subtlety and Chill


When you're going through a breakup, sometimes it helps to turn that pain into art. When you're going through a breakup with your very famous celebrity ex, that's going to turn that art into a very public meltdown. In a post- "Thank U, Next" world, is there a way to be subtle about addressing your heartache? Chill about the transgressions that went down? We investigate below.

"Cry Me A River," Justin Timberlake

Source: SME

Man oh man, “Cry Me A River” kicks off Justin Timberlake’s longtime career dragging Britney Spears. The lyrics insinuate her betrayal: Brit-Brit allegedly cheated on him with her choreographer, Wade Robson, which like, yeah, is something to be understandably pissed about. But the music video is especially eviscerating in retrospect, using a Britney Spears lookalike down to the newsboy hat (SO 2000-whatever-year-that was). It’s a revenge video served ice cold, and fully spoiled once it’s thawed out. Some of us are firmly in the “Justin Timberlake is trash” camp and Lord knows this is the first stop on the career-creating staircase he created STEPPING OVER PEOPLE’S LIVES. 

And even if you’re Team Justin, even if you think that Britney did him dirty, it’s still crazy that over a decade and a half after the fact, Justin is still bringing up this Britney-bashing track in interviews. Dude, enough.

Subtlety: We mentioned the Britney Spears lookalike, right? None whatsoever.

Chill: It’s a video where he breaks into his ex-girlfriend’s home and watches her shower... so MAJORLY unchill and more than a little big illegal.